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What are Bullet Pullers?

Bullet pullers are tools used to remove bullets from cartridges without damaging the bullet or the cartridge case. They are typically used when a mistake has been made during the reloading process, such as overcharging a cartridge with powder or seating a bullet too deeply. Bullet pullers come in various types, including kinetic bullet pullers, collet bullet pullers, and inertia bullet pullers. Kinetic bullet pullers use a hammer or mallet to strike the bullet puller, which dislodges the bullet from the cartridge case. Collet bullet pullers use a collet to grip the bullet and pull it out of the case, while inertia bullet pullers use a hammer or mallet to strike the bullet puller, which creates an inertia force that dislodges the bullet from the case. Bullet pullers are an essential tool for any reloader, as they allow for the safe and efficient removal of bullets from cartridges.