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What are Reloading calipers and Micrometers?

Reloading calipers and micrometers are precision measuring tools used by reloaders to ensure that their ammunition is loaded to the correct specifications. Calipers are used to measure the overall length of a cartridge case, as well as the length of the bullet and the distance from the base of the bullet to the ogive. Micrometers are used to measure the thickness of the case walls, the diameter of the bullet, and the overall length of the cartridge. These measurements are critical to ensuring that the ammunition is safe to use and performs as expected. Reloading calipers and micrometers come in various types, including digital and analog versions. Digital calipers and micrometers provide precise measurements and are easy to read, while analog versions require more skill to read but are often more durable and reliable. They are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of cartridges and bullets. Reloading calipers and micrometers are essential tools for any reloader who wants to ensure that their ammunition is loaded to the correct specifications. They are often used in conjunction with other reloading supplies such as reloading dies, powder measures, and priming tools to create safe and reliable ammunition.