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What are Reloading Case Length Gauges?

Reloading case length gauges are tools used by reloaders to measure the length of cartridge cases. These gauges are essential for ensuring that the cases are properly sized and shaped for reloading, as cases that are too long or too short can cause malfunctions or other issues with the ammunition. Reloading case length gauges come in various types, including dial gauges, digital gauges, and micrometer gauges. Dial gauges and digital gauges are easy to read and provide accurate measurements, while micrometer gauges require more skill to read but are often more precise. They are available in different sizes to accommodate different types of cartridges. To use a reloading case length gauge, the reloader inserts the cartridge case into the gauge and measures the length of the case. If the case is too long, it can be trimmed using a case trimmer. If the case is too short, it may need to be discarded. Reloading case length gauges are an essential tool for any reloader who wants to ensure that their ammunition is safe, reliable, and performs as expected. They are often used in conjunction with other reloading supplies such as reloading dies, powder measures, and priming tools to create safe and reliable ammunition.