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What are Reloading Powders?

Reloading powders are the gunpowder used by reloaders to create ammunition. They are available in various types and sizes to accommodate different types of cartridges and reloading needs. Reloading powders are classified by their burn rate, which refers to how quickly the gunpowder burns. Faster-burning powders are used for smaller cartridges and lighter bullets, while slower-burning powders are used for larger cartridges and heavier bullets. Reloading powders are available in various types, including single-base powders and double-base powders. Single-base powders are made from nitrocellulose, while double-base powders are made from nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin. Double-base powders are generally faster-burning than single-base powders, and are often used for smaller cartridges and lighter bullets. Reloading powders are also available in different shapes and sizes, including flakes, balls, and extruded powders. Flakes are thin, flat pieces of gunpowder, while balls are small, round pieces of gunpowder. Extruded powders are long, thin sticks of gunpowder. Overall, reloading powders are an essential component of the reloading process and are critical for the safety and performance of the ammunition. They are often used in conjunction with other reloading supplies such as reloading dies, powder measures, and priming tools to create safe and reliable ammunition.